Ordinary Boys

How Do You Sleep

Ordinary Boys

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How Do You Sleep


C F7M x2 

C                                  F7M 
Does your brain hum a buzz at night 
Am               E        F7M 
With things that you have done 
Am             E       F7M 
And things you haven't done 
C                 F7M 
Fall on top of you 

C                              F7M 
And mulling over friends of old 
Am             E        F7M 
And lovers who have gone 
Am           E         F7M 
Exactly what went wrong 
Well I do 

F7M C And all those coward acts and lies E Am Well it all comes back when I close my eyes Am F7M C And all those times when I made someone cry F7M C But you have done far worse than I E Am But you hide the guilt with a plastic smile Am F7M C And I wonder how do you sleep at night
For the rest of the song just repeat this pattern. Lyrics: The hearts you've broken with such ease And lives that you have grabbed And backs that you have stabbed take time to heal. It's sickening and heartbreaking The cruel things I've done In the name of fun well I'm sorry. (Chorus x2)

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