Orange Juice

Bridge Chords

Orange Juice

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by tercmoraes

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Intro: (C Cm7 F) (4x) 


C     Cm7     F                     C 
I could hurl myself from wall to wall 
Cm7     F                         C  
But would you catch me should I fall 
Cm7     F                      C     Cm7      F 
That's if you can't fall through your own 
C      Cm7       F                       C               
Cause you could make or break me subject to 
Cm7     F                   Bb 
The way you feel about this night 
Bbm7     Eb                Ab 
I must be careful lest you bite 
Or can you bite? 

C (2 fr.) G F (2 fr.) And I've burnt every bridge that spans the water G Just for you C (2 fr.) G Now I'll never reach the other side F (2 fr.) G7(2) Oh what am I to do C (2 fr.) G F (2 fr.) G Brunel's phoned my lawyer he's threatening to sue
C Cm7 F Verse: Well another lesson for us all But one I'm not too keen to learn Besides this bridge is still too burnt For you may say I've yet to find my voice I say presented with a choice I wouldn't change it for the world Not for your world

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