Black Ink


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Black Ink

Am          F         G    Em 
Tonight I'm polluting your body, 
Am   F      G      Em 
Your mind's so broken, 
Am       F       G     Em 
And that means your mine. 
Am        F        G         Em 
The children forever shattered, 
Am     F 
In the darkness, 
G        Em 
You left behind. 
Am      F 
And you can't, 
G                Em        Am 
Crawl on back to your safe place, 
F        G       Em 
Cuz it's burt to ashes, 
Am             F 
Yeah, it's gone. 
Am           F 
And you can't, 
G            Em 
Find salvation, 
Am                F 
Cause it's missing, 
G             Em 
From your mind. 

Am Take me away from here, F I don't want to stay, G In this place, Em Am Let's fly away. F In the night.
Verse Am F Before the blades cut through my skin, G Em Before the darkness, Am Consumes within. F Tightly gripping, G My finger slipping, Em Goodbye.
Am My thoughts, F Em G Like black ink im the water, Am F Drown in the blackness, G Of my mind.
Verse Am Numbness, F Surrounding your senses, G I coil around you, Em Now your mine. Am And you can't, F Escape from the reason, G Bursting throughout you, Em Now you're gone. Am And you can't, F Run to your churches, G Faith has once more, Em Left you behind.
Am F G Nothing's taking us back now, Em Am F We're too far gone to stay, G Em Am Gripping tightly our blood is pouring. F Em You're throwing your tears away. Am F Garbage follows down the street, G Em Slamed doors breaking every hope, Am F There's no hope. G Em Fabric smiles slitting our throats,
Verse Am F The reaper approaches in the night, G Em Cold fingers sliding up your side. Am Bone face, F The master is calling, G Em Blackness surrounds you now you're gone. Am F Oceans cried calling your name out, G Em Words from the preecher, Am F Now your mine. Outro Am F Onto another sad passage, G Em There is no real message, Am F You're just done.

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