One Man Army


One Man Army

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	  		SOS - One Man Army 
SOS in a state of emergency 
the situation and the prying eyes looking at me 
B                            F# 
is there nowhere I could go? somewhere you couldn't see 
F#                B      F# 
SOS in a state of emergency 

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e|---------------------------------------------------------------| B|---------------------------------------------------------------| G|-6---8-6-----11-8-6---11-8-6-----------------------------------|2x D|---8-----8-8---------8-------6-8-13-11-------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse F# so let's say for a second B F# I've grown attached B F# C# my life's a mess I'm a total waste F# B F# and the pills that they gave me just give me the shits B F# C# I don't think they work I'm supposed to fit in Chorus B C# Let's say but just for a second F# C# I'm only kidding I'm well adjusted B C# F# Lets say nothing at all in a state of emergency B I'm calling out to anyone F# B F# an SOS in a state of emergency *play intro riff again* *repeat Chorus* outro F# B F# heeees addicted heeees a mess B F# B F# calling out it's an SOS I'm addicted I'm a mess....

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