How Bizarre


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How Bizarre

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E|-12-12-12\10-10-10--8--8--8\7-7-7\5-5-5\3-3-3\1-1-1/3-3/5-| B|-13-13-13\12-12-12-10-10-10\8-8-8\6-6-6\5-5-5\3-3-3/5-5/6-| G|----------------------------------------------------------| D|----------------------------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------| E|-5\3-1-1-1-3-3----12-12-12\10-10-10--8--8--8\7-7-7\5-5-5-|| B|-6\5-3-3-3-5-5----13-13-13\12-12-12-10-10-10\8-8-8\6-6-6-|| G|---------------------------------------------------------|| D|---------------------------------------------------------|| A|---------------------------------------------------------|| E|---------------------------------------------------------||
C G Brother Pele's in the back F Sweet Sina's in the front C G Cruising down the freeway F In the hot, hot sun C G Suddenly red blue lights F Flash us from behind C G Loud voice bombing F "please step out onto the line" C G Pele breathes words of comfort F Sina just hides her eyes C G Policeman taps his shades F Is that a Chevy 69? How bizarre How bizarre How bizarre
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E|-12-12-12\10-10-10--8--8--8\7-7-7\5-5-5\3-3-3\1-1-1-------| B|-13-13-13\12-12-12-10-10-10\8-8-8\6-6-6\5-5-5\3-3-3-------| G|----------------------------------------------------------| D|----------------------------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------------------------|
C G Destination unknown F As we pull in for some gas C G A freshly pasted poster F Reveals a smile from the pack C G Elephants and acrobats, F Lions next monkey C G Pele speaks righteous F Sister Sina says funky Ooh baby, (ooh baby) It's making me crazy, (it's making me crazy) Everytime I look around Look around Everytime I look around Everytime I look around Everytime I look around It's in my face C G Ringmaster steps up F Says the elephants left town C G People jump and jive F And the clowns inch back around C G T.V. news and cameras F There's choppers in the sky C G Marines, police, reporters F Ask the where, for and why C G Pele yells "we're outta here" F Sina says "right on" C G Make your moves and starting grooves F Before they knew we're gone C G Jump into the Chevy F Headed for big lights, C G Want to know the rest F Hey, buy the rights

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