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Capo on 4th fret
	  		Standard Tuning - . 
All chords are based on the capo serving as the 1st Fret. 

(Bass intro) lightly strum E minor.  You can sus between the E minor and E throughout  
intro and the first line(s) of the verses, or anytime the E minor is held for several bars. 

Em            E 
Don't get any big ideas 
F       C         Am          G 
They're not gonna happen... 
You paint yourself white 
And fill in the noise. 
F        C            Am          G 
There'll be something missing... 

                 Em sus to E 
Now that you've found it 
...It's gone. 
             Em sus to E 
Now that you feel it 
...You don't. 
                    Am            G 
You've gone off the rails. 

Em               E 
So don't get any big ideas 
F       C         Am             G 
They're not gonna happen.           (Oooooh---Ohhhh---Ohhh) 
Em           E  (sus between Em and E) 
You'll go to hell for what your... 
F     C       Am                    G 
Dirty mind is thiiiiiiiiiiii-iii-in-king. 

{OUTRO - PART 1} 3:10-3:45 of elapsed time 
Play the following during the first part of the outro when the layers of Thom's voice  
"OOOH-OOOOH"ing up and down the scale: 


It simply repeats between Em and F, but switches to Am the 3rd and final time through  
two-chord phrase. 

{OUTRO - PART 2} 3:45-3:56 of elapsed time 
When the "OOOH-OOOH"ing slows down. 


{OUTRO - PART 3} 3:56-end of song 
Unusre about these last few chords.  Three unknown chords, then definately ends on a C. 

Best guess: 
Just steps down from F to C.  Some sort of arrangement of the following chords: F, E, D  

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