Novo Amor


Novo Amor

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 Em               D 
Could you let me know? 
G                    C 
  I could make some time if you wanted 
Em7                D 
Couldn't find my phone 
G                   C 
I guess I got that summer, you said 
 Em         D          G             C       Em  G  G  C 
"I could be?alright if you could re-write my life" 
       Em             D 
And I said it won't phase me 
       G        C             Em7  G        G  C 
But I reckon I may have been wrong  yeah-ah-ah 

( Em7  D  G  C ) 
( Em7  D  G  C ) 

Em7                   D 
    I should let this go 
G                C 
I could be your water instead 

Em7           D 
 I put on my coat 
G                  C                   Em7 
I could hear you stall in the way you said 
        D          G          C       Em7 Em D     G  C 
"Is it alright to feel like I do, at all?"    ooh ooh 

 C         Em7        D 
Got caught up in the skylight 
         G              C        Em7  D D   G  C  G 
And the words just all came out wrong   ba-abe 

Just called to let you know 
C  G              C 
     This all is getting old 
      C D G                        C   D  
And I      could be your water instead 

 C      D      G          D 
Let me get my head aligned 
     C       D       G              G 
And help my life be worth your while 
 C       D      Am       G      C 
Bend my arm, I won't be far at all 

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