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One Flight Down Chords

Norah Jones

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One Flight Down

Year: 2002 - Album: Come Away with Me

  		Intro:  Db  Ab7/C  /  Bb / Ebm7  Gbm9/7+/A  
221114            2010XX 
Ab9/sus4  Ab / Db  Abm7/b5/D   /Ebm7 
Ab/  Db  Ab/  Db  Ab/ 
Db   Ab7/C   Bb          Ebm7 Gbmmaj7/A 
One flight down theres a song on low 
Ab9/sus4  Ab         Db        Abm7/b5/D 
          and your mind just picked up on 
    Ebm7  Ab        Db        Ab7/C    Bb 
the sound   now you know that you're wrong 
           Ebm7  Gbmmaj7/A  Ebm7/Ab 
because it drifts like       smoke and 
          Db    Abm7/b5/D      Ebm7 
it's been there playing all along  
            45444 465464     12133X 
Ab           Ab11 Ab13  Db    Db/C 
Now you know now you know 
12123                    22210X 
Db/B         Bbm7       Ebm7/b5/A    Ab 
The reeds and brass have been weaving 
Db/B   Bbm7    Ebm7/b5/A    Ab 
leading into a single     note. 
Db Ab7/C  Bb             Ebm7 Gbmaj7/A 
in this place where your arms un - 
Ab9/sus4    Ab       Db    Abm7/b5/D 
fold       here at last you see your 
Ebm7      Ab13 Ab     Db    Ebm9/Ab Ab7 
ancient face now you know  now you know 
Db    Db/C 
Db  Ebm9/Ab  Ab7  Db 
  now you know 
The cadence rolls in broken lpays it over 
and then goes  
one flight down there's a song on low and 
it's been there playing all along now you 
know now you know. 

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