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Punk Guy Chords


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Punk Guy

G             A   D            B 
crazier than GG, more PC than Ian 
    G                  A 
got colored teeth like Johnny 
D         B                
extends a vicious disposition 
    G           A         D             B 
his hair sticks out like colingston he jumps 
G          A               D  D  D  D  D     B = 
similar to springa yeah he points his middle finga 
G          A             D 
not just a singer in the band 
G             A                B 
voted biggest asshole and role model of the year 
G  G  G  G  G  G  A  A  A  A  A 
got a face like charles bronson 
D                    B 
straight outta green bay wisconsin 
G            A             D 
not just the singer in the band 
      G                  A 
he'll puke on you, he'll fuck your mom 
      D              B     
he'll smoke while huffing gas 
           G                      A 
he was the punkest motherfucker i ever did see 
(aw hell he's even more punk than me!)----SEM INSTRUMENTOS 
           G                  A 
he shoulda been on the cover 
           D                  B 
he shoulda been on the cover 
G                    G                D 
been on the cover of punk and disorderly yeah 
Contribuição: carlos([email protected]) 


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