Oxy Moronic Chords


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by tarikike

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Oxy Moronic

verse 1 
I've been called an OxyMoron 
Because I question which drugs our war's on 
               D                                            A 
Why are there more drug stores than liquor stores you can score on 
The healers have become the harmers 
They're just pharmaceutical farmers 
What we used to call dealers 
We now call doctors 
A                E 
I might be a CD Cynic 
             F#m                  D 
Cause that crack house is now a clinic 
                 A                    E 
It's time they change the name of the oath to 
          D                A 
The hypocritic or the parasitic 

verse 2 
It isn't Adderalltruistic 
   G                    D 
By overprescribing 
How can we fight them in a Suboxone ring 
I'll throw a Prozacuzation 
With a Subketamining 
They'll say my fears are Quaaludacris 
They should be Ativanishing 

     A                E 
With every Demeroltercation 
                F#m          D 
They'll have a good Xanaxplanation 
You're just Cialistrated 
          E              D 
Cause we made your dick deflated 

A It's OxyMoronic A It's OxyMoronic
verse 3 A It should be doctors getting busted G For their Klonopinions we trusted D We're not the sinners, they're the ones A That served us the Vicodinners A E I don't want to be an alarmist F#m D But in that harmacy there's a harmacist A E D And those scripts are making us Paximple minded pacifists
A It's OxyMoronic G It's OxyMoronic D It's OxyMoronic A It's OxyMoronic
Bridge F#m Don't think that I AmBien crazy D The medical industrial complex A Keeps us Viagravated and hard to come E Because of Percosex F#m How can we Hydrocondone D Their blatant misconduct A They don't care for patients D E They care about pushing product verse 4 A Are you OxyMoronic G For wanting your daily chronic D And making your mom's house hydroponic A You're OxyMoronic A I've been called an OxyMoron G For getting my metaphor on D Linoleum is a Flooron A I'm an OxyMoron Verse 5 A It's time to be alarmed G We're not being healed, we're being harmed D Our country's being factory farmed A It's OxyMoronic A It's time to sound the alarma G We can't put our faith in karma D We got a common enemy A And they're called Big Pharma
A And it's OxyMoronic G And it's OxyMoronic D It's all OxyMoronic A It's all OxyMoronic

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