Nicole Dollanganger


Nicole Dollanganger

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Intro F#m  A  E  D 

verse 1 
F#m               A            E        D 
Baby, you have to pay in this way or another 
F#m              A       E     D 
In this life or in the next 
F#m              A      E         D 
For as long as we?ve known each other 
F#m            A          E         D 
You?ve been playing this game with death 

F#m A One day you will be tried E D On the execution line F#m A He?ll strap you in and you will fry D E Like fireworks on the 4th of July
verse 2 F#m A E D Baby, you have to pay in this way or another F#m A E D Whether you can cry or not F#m A E D Oh, how sad to face the judgement F#m A E D Unprepared to meet your god
F#m A He will wear a rubber coat E D Shoot lightning through the vital veins F#m A They think that you emit the light E D But you only take it in F#m A The man in uniform will come E D And he will stick it in the arm F#m A You?ll scream out for your father E And in darkness I pray you will D F#m A E D Never find him again

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