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Nickel Creek

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  Intro: C5 

  C5                        F                         
  You don't owe me one more minute of your wasted time. 
  You act like it's all fine. 
  C5                                     F                           
  But all the years I gave you, thinking you knew that you wanted me, 
  I wanted to believe... 


Am C I've got to make a destination. G Find where I belong. Am C This time, I've got no hesitation G Dm Am F G And I'll be moving on (To where I belong). Dm Am I'm moving on.
| Am G X2| C5 | I'm tired of trying to describe what you will never see, How good we could be. You gave up and lost touch and now you're looking for a little grace. Well, look at my face.
Am C G I've got to make a destination. Find where I belong. Am C G There ain't no time for hesitation. G Dm Am F G I'll be moving on (To where I belong). Dm Am F G I'll be moving on (Over the line I've drawn). Dm (Am) I'm already gone (Gone.)
| Am G X6| Bridge: Am G Am G Am G Am G Empty corner, but I'll keep moving, Am G Am G Am G Am G Taking hits while you've been missing. Am G Am G Night after night after... C5 I hear you say we're solid but I know we're looking through the cracks In our little pact. It isn't hard to leave knowing that I'll be getting life on track, Never looking back! Repeat Chorus 2, solo over over Chorus chords to fade.

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