Nick Lowe

I Read A Lot

Nick Lowe

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I Read A Lot


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Riff1 ===== E ----------------|-----------------| B ----------------|-----------------| G ----------------|-----------------| D ----------------|-----------------| A ------------2--2|-----------------| E 0--0--4--4------|0----------------|
verse 1 F#m7 I read a lot nowadays G#m7 Much more than before you left me A Am High and dry in a loveless land E A E RIFF1 With nothing but time on my hands verse 2 F#m7 F#m/C# I read a lot not just maga-zines G#m7 G#m/Eb But other more serious things A Am To get me through the day night-time too E A E Whilst wondering how in the world to go on with-out you Refrain Bm A D A Lonely isn't the word for me now D A G E Blue doesn't desc-ribe it somehow Inst ==== F#m7 F#m/C# G#m7 G#m/Eb A Am E2 A Blue 's not the word for me now E A E A E A E A E A E verse 3 F#m7 F#m/C# I read a lot I can't put it down G#m7 G#m/Eb While others are painting the town A Am You'll find me in a world of fantas-y E A E2 E Popul-ation one that's me out Bm So if you ask me how I stop C7 Contemplating what I now have not F#m7 I'll rep-ly E I read a lot

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