Nick Lowe

36 Inches High

Nick Lowe

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36 Inches High


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(Guitar 1) G G G G E|-------------------0--------| B|-------------------8--------| (Guitar 2)G|-----------------?-9--------| (let ring) D|-------------------9--------| A|----------------------------| E|----------------------------| (Guitar 1) G 2+ G 4 G 2+ G 4 E|--------10--7-------------------7---0------10--7--------------------7-----| B|---------------8--8--------------8--8------------8----8---------------8---| (Guitar 2)G| ----------------9------------------9---------------9---------------------| D|------------------------------------9-------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| (Guitar 1) G 3+ G 3 G 4+ G E|---------10---7-------------10---------------10--7------------------| B|------------------------------8---8----------------8----8-------8---| (Guitar 2)G|----------------9---------------9--------------------9--------9-----| D|--------------------------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------------| (Guitar 1) G G G G E|-------------------------------------------| B|----------------------------7--------------| (Guitar 2)G|------------------------------8------------| D|-------------------------------------------| A|-------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------|
verse 1 C Once I was a soldier G I rode on a big white horse C Silver pistols at my side G Carryin' the flags of war Em Bm Em And I lost track of the men who fell A In the canon's roar A D7 I never got over bein' a soldier G G G G C Once I was a tax man G Collectin' dollars and dimes C I heard the rich man grumble G I heard the poor man cry Em Bm Em Some few couldn't afford to pay Bm Were put to a shackle and key A D7 I never got over bein' a tax man G G G G C Once I was a ruler G About twelve inches long C Three times me made a yardstick G 36 inches high Em Bm Em 36 inches high was I Bm 36 inches high A D7 I never got over 36 inches high

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