Nick Cave

Into My Arms

Nick Cave

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Into My Arms

Written by Nick Cave

	  		Intro:     G/C/F........C....G/C/F...........C 

Verse 1  
F                                                   C    G/C/F  
I don't believe in an interventionist god  
F                                        C    G/C/F 
But I know, darling, that you do  
F                                                        C   G/C/F 
And if I did I would kneel down and ask him  
F                                               C  
Not to intervene when it came to you  
C                                              F                              Dm 
Well, not to touch a hair on your head, leave you as you are  
G                                  G                               G 
If he felt he had to direct you then direct you into my arms  
(x2) E__1_0___0__1_____1_____0_______0___0_0___ B______3____3___1_3_______3_1_3_1___0_1___ G___________2_____2____________0___0_0___ D___________0_____0____________2___2_2___ A______________________________3___3_3___ E_________________________________________ Dm C Into my arms, oh lord into my arms
Verse 2 - same as 1st And I don't believe in the existence of angels But looking at you, I wonder if that's true But if I did, I would summon them together And ask them to watch over you C F Dm Well to each burn a candle for you, make bright and clear your path G G G And to walk like Christ in grace and love and guide you into my arms Dm Into my arms, oh lord C Into my arms Dm Into my arms, oh lord C Into my arms V3 But I believe in love And I know that you do, too And I believe in some kind of path That we can walk down, me and you So keep your candles burning, make the journey bright and pure That she'll keep returning, always and evermore Into my arms, oh lord Into my arms Into my arms, oh lord Into my arms

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