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Next To Normal

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C             Csus 
We need some light 
C                 Csus 
First of all, we need some light 
C                  Fadd9/A 
You can't sit here in the dark 
    Fmaj7             G7sus 
And all alone, it's a sorry sight 
     C5           C5/Bb  Fadd9/A 
It's just you and me 
                    C7/G Gm9 
We'll live, you'll see 
C7/G Gm9 C7/G Gm9 

C7            Gm9/C 
Night after night 
     C7                    Gm9/C 
We'd sit and wait for the morning light 
C7                Fadd9/A 
But we've waited far too long 
    F2                  G7sus 
For all that's wrong to be made right 

C7         Gm9/C 
Day after day 
C7               Gm9/C 
Wishing all our cares away 
C7                   Abmaj7 
Trying to fight the things we feel 
    Am               Em 
But some hurts never heal 
Am               F9 F   Fmaj7 F6 
Some ghosts are nev-er gone 
    C/E   Dm7 Gsus G 
But we go on 
   C/E      Dm7 G7sus 
We still go on 

Chorus F9 Am7 And you find some way to survive F9 Dm9 G7sus And you find out you don't have to be happy at all F C7 Gm9/C C7 Gm9/C To be happy you're alive
Verse D5 D7sus Day after day D5 D7sus Give me clouds and rain and gray D5 D5/Bb Give me pain, if that's what's real Bm F#m7 Bm It's the price we pay to feel G The price of love is loss D/F# Em7 Asus But still we pay D/F# E7sus E We love any- way A/C# D D2 D And when the night has finally gone A/C# A2/C# A/C# And when we see the new day dawn C C2 C G/B We'll wonder how we wandered for so long, so blind Em The wasted world we thought we knew C9 The light will make it look brand new Am7 So let it Fmaj9 Let it, let it D2/F# G A7sus Shine C G/B Am7 Shine E7sus Shine A A7sus Day after day A A7sus We'll find the will to find our way A F6 F#m C#m Knowing that the darkest skies will someday see the sun F#m E/D D When our long night is done A/C# Bm9 Esus Esus/D There will be light A/C# Esus There will be light D F#m7 When we open up our lives D Bm7 Sons and daughters, husbands, wives Esus E And fight that fight D A There will be light B B/D# B/F# B/D# There will be light B There will be light B D2 D A There will be light

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