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I Dreamed A Dance

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I Dreamed A Dance

Intro: Ab   Eb13   Ab6   Ebm7  Eb 

Ab        Eb13      Ab6     Ebm7  Eb 
I saw you light the ballroom 
     Ab             Fm7      Bbm7   Eb7 
With your sparkling eyes of blue 
Bbm7           Eb7         Bbm7 
Graceful as an angel's wing 
            Eb7        Ab 
I dreamed a dance with you 

Eb13  Ab6  Ebm7 Eb 

Ab            Eb+    Ab     Ebm7  Eb7 
You whispered slyly, softly 
Ab          Fm7          Bbm7  Eb7 
You told me you would be true 
   Bbm7          Eb7 
We spun around a thousand stars 
Bbm7        Eb7        Ab  Abmaj7 
I dreamed a dance with you 

Ab6  Abmaj7 

Gm7                 C7sus      C7 
I know the night is dying dear 
Ab7                 Db 
I know the day will dawn 
The dancers may disappear 
C7sus     Cm         Fm9 
Still the dance goes on 
And on 

Ab         Abmaj7/Eb   Ab6    Ebm7  Eb 
I'll wake alone      tomorrow 
    Ab           Fm7      Bbm9     Eb7 
The dream of our dance is through 
    Bbm7         Eb7 
But now until forever love 
Bbm          C7sus C7   Fm   Bb7sus  Bb7 
I'll live to dance with you 
Bbm           Ebsus  Eb 
I'll dream my love 
Bbm          Eb Ebsus Eb 
I'll live my love 
    Bbm7        Ebdim7     Ab 
And I'll die to dance with... 

Abmaj7/Eb  Ab6  Abm7  Eb  Ab 

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