I Surrender All


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I Surrender All

Capo on 4th fret
	  		I Surrender All 
ORDER: I C V1 C I V2 C I B  B2 B2 C C C C E  
Em G C G Em G C G I surrender all to the promises you made Em G C G Em G C G and i will give it all to the maker of the day
VERSE 1: G Am no one knows your heart G C and no one knows your fears G Am when no one solves the mysteries G Am or even wipes away the tears INTERLUDE: G C G Em G C G G C G Em G C G VERSE 2: G Am can you hear the sound of laughter G C from the other side of life? G Am there are days when i feel like a stranger sometimes G C tell me, are there any other fools like me? BRIDGE 1: Em G this reliance on another world Em G has a great effect on this world Em G this conscience of another world Em Em has a great effect on grace recollection BRIDGE 2: Em G C G he doesn't love us 'cause of who we are Em G C G he only loves us 'cause of who he is ENDING: Em G C G Em G C G Newsboys Love Liberty Disco Album © Unknown ********* You found it at E-Chords Submitted By: David Campbell Ontario Canada

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