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	  		*Intro* (fingerpicking): D Dsus2 A Asus2 

*verse 1* 

D      Dsus2       A     Asus2 
Surely as the dawn awakes 
D             Dsus2         A    Asus2 
Your love for me will never fade 
D             Dsus2         A    Asus2 
Relentless love pursued my soul 
D             Dsus2         A    Asus2 
Till condemnation lost its hold 

*verse 2* 

D         Dsus2       A     Asus2 
No other works can qualify 
You paid in full salvationâ??s price 
Iâ??m given life by nail-scarred hands 
To worship You with all I am 

You took my sin 
The just for the unjust 
You made me Yours  
Through Your redeeming blood 

A Conquered death Dsus2 Reversing every curse F#m You broke the chains Esus4 You tore the veil A Glorious King Dsus2 The name above all names F#m You paid in full Esus4 A You rose to reign
*Bridge* Dsus2 F#m Esus4 Everything gained I count loss In the light of the cross Dsus2 F#m Esus4 Every demand made You paid With the stripes that You bore F#m Esus4 You are all I need F#m Esus4 You are all I need *Back to Chorus*

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