Never The Strangers


Never The Strangers

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Intro: Bm  G  D  A 

Verse 1: 

Bm      G 
Help me up 
D        A 
Get me outta here 
Bm        G 
We'll runaway 
           D              A 
With our hearts in our hand 
Bm             G         D   A 
We'll runaway from the enemy 
Bm         G 
The war is dead 
              D           A 
And they'll never take us 



D A We dont have enough time Bm G We need to go Tonight D A I?ll find you, you find me Bm G Let?s both get out D Bm I?ll find you, you find me Bm G Let?s both get out
Intro Verse II Same chords sa Verse I: They won't take away our sanity Cause deep insude we know We're stronger than that We'll take them on and on And on and on and on and on Yeah we?ll be back And show we?re gonna fight Refrain II Same chords sa Refrain: To stay To stay To stay To stay Chorus Instrumentals: Bm G D A (4x)

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