Neil Young

Comes A Time

Neil Young

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Comes A Time

(Neil Young)

	  		Intro: G Bm D C G   

G              Bm        
Comes a time when you're  drifting,   
D                         C      G     C G   
Comes a time when you settle down.   
G              Bm   
Comes a light, feelings lifting,   
D                        C       G      C G   
Lift that baby right up off the ground.   

G      F         C           G   
Oh-oh, this old world keeps spinning 'round.   
       F          C            G   
It's a wonder tall trees ain't laying down.  
DM G There comes a time G Bm You and I, we were captured. D C G CG We took our souls and we flew away. G Bm We were right, we were giving. D C G C G That;s how we kept what we gave away. repeat chorus twice

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