Neil Sedaka

The Diary

Neil Sedaka

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The Diary

Year: 1962 - Album: Very Best of Neil Sedaka

C             Am   F                            G   
 Ah ah ah ah oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh 
How I'd like to look 
Into that little book 
Dm                              G7 
The one that has the locking key 
F                                    Am 
And know the boy that you care for 
F                              G7 
The boy who is in your diary 
When it's late at night 
What is the name you write 
Dm                                 G7 
Oh what I'd give if I could see 
F                                   Am 
Am I the boy that you care for? 
F                                    G C 
The boy who is in your diary 
F             Em 
Do you recall 
F                        Em 
And make note of all 
F                               Em   Am   
The little things I say and do 
F                        Em 
The name you underline 
F                               Em 
I'm hopping that's mine 
Am             F                        G 
Darling I'm so in love with you 
Please don't leave me blue 
Make all my dreams come true 
Dm                                      G7 
You know how much you mean to me 
F                                       Am 
Say I'm the boy that you care for 
F                                   G  C            
The boy who is in your diary. 
Am F G  C Am F G 
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh 

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