Lay Em Down


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Lay Em Down

Intro: C  Cadd9  C  (x2)  

Verse 1 

C         Cadd9  C  
Come down to the river  
C            Cadd9    C  
Come and let yourself in  
C         Cadd9   G  
Make good on a    promise  
G        Gsus4 C  
To never hurt again  
C                  Am  
If you're lost and lonely  
Am            F  
You're Broken down  
F                 Dm  
Bring all of your troubles  
     Cadd9   C  
Come lay 'em down  

Verse 2 
All you sinners  
And the weak at heart  
All you helpless  
On the boulevards  
Wherever you are now  
Whatever evil you've found  
Bring all of your troubles  
And come lay 'em down  
F C We're all tied to the same old failing F C Finding shelter in things we know Am G We're all dirty like corrupted small towns F We'll bring our troubles F We'll bring our troubles Cadd9 C Lay 'em down
Verse 3 All you rich men And the high above All of those with and without love All you burdened broken down Bring all of your troubles Come lay 'em down C Come lay 'em down (x4) Instrumental: Am F G C Bridge (x2) Am Come all you broken {Come lay 'em down} F Come all you helpless {Come lay 'em down} G Bring all your burden {Come lay 'em down} C And just lay 'em down {Come lay 'em down} Ending C Come lay 'em down (x3)

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