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Year: 1981 - Album: Hair of the Dog Live

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	  {A} Drinkin my wine makes me feel fine 
{G} Gonna {D}have me a {A}hoilday 
Poor man's party rich man's daughter 
{G}Gettin {D}hotter & {A}hotter 
She's {D}pushin way too hard  
I don't want any part{C} {G} of her way 
{A}Drinkin my wine makes me feel fine 
{G} Gonna {D}have me a {A}hoilday 
Cho.. It's a {Bb}holiday{C}  it's a {Eb} holiday{F} 
      {G}Mamma {C}mamma {D}please no more jaguars 
      I don't want to be a pop star 
      {G}Mamma {C}mamma {D}please no more deck hands 
      I don't want to be a sailor man 
      {G}Mamma {C}mamma {D}please no more face lifts 
      I just don't know which one you is 
      {G}Mamma {C}mamma {D}please no more husbands 
Drinkin my wine makes me feel fine 
Hidin out in my rented room 
Lookin for attention a cover story mention  
In life magazine 
Ask the chauffeur who he knows numbers he's got____ 
Lot's of those 
Drinkin my wine spendin my time Tryin to run from this Halloween 
Cho..   ---no more husbands 
       I just don't know who my daddy is 
       It's a holiday  it's a holiday 
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