Nathaniel Rateliff


Nathaniel Rateliff

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	  		F7/C G/C 
I'm looking more like my mother 
I was so staggering waiting for you 
I was so sure my belly bending knees, but nobody cared for more 

Am C F 
It does no good to talk about anything 
It does no good to tell you I'm a wounded fiend 

F7/C G/C 
It's not the things we discover, it's in the way we try to cover with ground 
I'm not a flat fingered dullard I was so sure and never right 

Am C F 
I was a tongue that's telling you that somebody else is trying 

F7/C C Em 
And I got no feeling about it at all 
In this old season of doubt and love 
And I got no reason to bury it here 

F7/C G/C 
I could fall backwards forever 
I could be boxed inside 
And living without, well don't blow my cover 
It taken years to make a beautiful shroud 

Am C F 
I got no use in talking about anything 
And I could tell you it seems to be a haunting me 
It does no good to talk about anything 

F7/C C Em (9x) 

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