Nathaniel Rateliff


Nathaniel Rateliff

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	  		Intro: C F C F 

C           F 
I wish I    could know it then 
C                          F 
but it don't seem right    hang on 
C                         F 
really its just in time   and you know it then 
             G             F 
it'd have to fade   in the night 
             G                F 
do you still sleep    on your side 

C F C F 

C                F 
how can I     be so far dead 
C                 F 
leaning on    one side 
  C                          F 
I wrote it down    but can't remember it 
C                               F 
ain't that the story of     our lives 
            C                       F 
and there's one more prayer    and goodnight 
             G                    F 
and we'll be dead    and it turns night 
            G                  F 
and we'll forget     it all in time 

C             F 
ooooooooo     ooooooo 
C             F 
ooooooooo     ooooooo 

C             F 
ooooooooo     ooooooo 

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