Nat King Cole

Slow Down Chords

Nat King Cole

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate


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Slow Down

(Red Evans)

D   D6  D  E7/9- 
Say sister, oh sister 
G            Em7      Cdim A7 
You've been traveling too fast 
D   D6  D   E7/9- 
I warn you, yes, warn you 
G        Em7 Bm7(5b)     A7 
Say how long will it last 
      A7/13-  D6      G  Gdim D 
You'd better slow down 
   G        Edim   D6 
Before there is a show down 
             B7     E7/9-  A7 
Or else our love is gonna break down 
G  Em7 Edim   D6        G E7/9-  A7 
If you don't slow down. 
    A7/13-     D6      G  Gdim  D 
Baby, I've told you 
  G      Edim   D6 
I do not wannas cold you 
       B7              E7/9-   A7 
The searms of mine just wanna hold you 
G  Em7 Edim  D6   G6/D      
Until you slow down 
    D7    G5 
You see a hand some face  
     G   G5    Fdim Edim    D        D7M  D7 
Then you for...get your place here beside me 
      D7    G5                         Fdim 
While all I do is pray that there will come a day 
Edim    A7   Cdim   A7 
When you're free, free, free 
A7/13- D6   G Gdim D 
To love me 
   G     Edim    D6 
No other loves above me 
       B7                 E7/9-     A7 
Sweet heart, you know that you can have me 
G  Em7 Edim  D6    
If you slow down 

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