Nat King Cole

Fascination Chords

Nat King Cole

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Introduo: C7M F7 C7M G4/7/9 

Dm7    G7   C   C7M    C C7M Cm7/9 
It was   fascination,I know, 
Dm7     G7       C      Cdim        Dm      A7 
And it might have ended right there at the start  
            Dm     Dm+7           Dm7      Dm6                                      
Just a passing glance,  just a brief romance,  
           Dm     Fm       Dm7  Dm5-/7   G7 
And I might have gone on my way empty-hearted.  
Dm7    G7  C   C7M    C  C7M Cm7/9 
It was fascination, I know,  
Dm7    G7   C         Cdim      Dm     A7 
Seeing you alone with the moonlight above;  
Dm             Dm+7      F     Dm7    G7 
Then I touched your hand and next moment I kissed you  
Dm7    G7      Dm7    G7   C Edim Dm7 G7   
Fascination turned to love. 

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