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Anywhere but Here Chords


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by Max%28BA%29

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Anywhere but Here

  		intro:  C, A, C, A, D, A, G,   C, A, C, A 
D          A             G 
seems that life could be better 
     C     A        C     A 
some other way some other day 
D       A        G 
life is what you make it  
C             A        C   A 
that's what I say just go away 
I don't want to hear it  
I'm confused i'm not amused  
right now I'm incoherent              D 
i'm not on my own still i'm alone, 
D                            F#  G  B C 
i should have seen it coming  
D                    F#  G  B  C 
i didn't want to see 
D                     F#  G  B  C 
i can see us breaking  
D            F#  G  B  C 
D                      F#  G  F#  G  B  C  B  C                             
I guess it's out of my hands  
D     F#  G  F#  G  B  C  B  C 
Maybe fate 
D                      F#  G  F#  G  B  C  B  C 
I guess it's out of my hands 
D              F#  G  F#  G  B  C  B  C 
that's exactly what i hate 
G|--7-7---7-7-9-|   (repeat) 
there's one thing left to turn to it's not a girl and it's not the world, 
when everyone has their own thing  
he's into you and he loves you too. he's 
what keeps me going when i'm afraid any my beds not made. 
D       A          G                   C    A 
Still I haven't forgotten that they're over there and 
C         A       C         A         D 
i'm right here. i might not always be here. 
C, A, C, A, D 
F#, G, F#, G, B, C, B, C, D\ 


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