Mr Floppy

I Feel Sick

Mr Floppy

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I Feel Sick

Intro: F# A F# B A (2x)
F#                  A 
Something's eating away at me 
   F#                 B   A 
It lives inside of my guts 
F#                      A 
It bust my liver and it bust my lungs 
F#                         B 
And I look around and then people call me nuts 

E A B I feel sick in the morning E B A I feel sick at night E A B I feel sick when I see your face E B A I feel sick alright! It's a jolly big worm With a jolly big appetite It eats and eats Hummingbirds in the middle of the night
(Chorus) (Solo) F# A F# B A F# A F# B E A B E B A E A B E B A It's another trick band from the year 2000 That eats away at my tongue And as it badgers I must bleed All I can do is say "yuck yuck yuck yuck yuck" (Chorus) Outro: F# A F# B A F# A F# B

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