Mount Eerie


Mount Eerie

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	  		This is how I play the song. Suggestions and corrections welcome! 


C                                    F 
In the morning it feels like coming into a clearing 
        Dm                      E           F 
And the disorientation lingers only for a breath 

  F                          Dm 
I hold the thought, a coal glowing on the wet ground 
     F              E   G          
Not long enough to stay in  
       C                 F 
This vision of crawling out between the cracks 
         Dm                          E         F 
And understanding that permeate the day and tomorrow, 
   C                       F 
So I make a coffee while looking out the window 
      Dm                           E       F      
And noticed that I can't remember when or if  

   F      Dm    
I woke up 
           F                E G            C 
All the thoughts rushing in     after the thaw 


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