Mount Eerie

Moon Sequel

Mount Eerie

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Moon Sequel

	  		This is how I play the song. Suggestions and corrections welcome! 
And since the song is basically the same as The Moon (by the Microphones), 
I'll just use Josh Sharp's (killthelight on U-G tab from here and write out all the lyrics and chords as well. 
I tried to be accurate to the recorded version from the Dawn album, but really the fingerpicking  
and chords are pretty interchangeable for the whole song. 

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(1) e----------------------| |--------------------------| B----------------------| |--------------------------| G-------2--------------| x3,then |--------------------------| D----0------0----------| |-----------0--------------| A-2--------------------| |--0--2--4-----------------| E----------------------| |--------------------------| (2) e----------------------| B----------------------| G-------2--------------| x4 D----0------0----------| A----------------------| E-3--------------------|
(repeat three times) (for the verse, continue the finger picking, i'll use 1 as the first part and 2 as the second) (there's no need to add the extra fill at the end of number 1, just pick pattterns 1 and 2 four times each) 1 And when I talked to my friends 2 And found out that you're having fun That you're swallowing life 1 That you're in the sun That you're fucking around 2 That you're growing a new one 1 I bellow out my voice 2 I yell out loud 1 I have my shirt off in front of a crowd 2 I tell em about you, and how you're gone, you're gone, you're gone, you're gone, 1 You're gone x4 2 You're gone x4 1 You're gone x4 2 You're gone x4 Bm But in my lying G Bm Don't I have you in my mind the entire time G Yeah, I can leave all the places we went 1 But I can't leave without my bones you bent 2 So I hobble along 1 And now it's me who's gone 2 1 And now it's me who has your fear of opening hearts 2 And all the false starts we could tear hope apart 1 With all this deep gouging and biting back 2 With the way that you get all my friends in the sack Bm Whats left? G I scream when I look up at night Bm G Where the novelty has worn off of the blue moonlight Bm 2 Who cares? and I roll on the ground 1 2 1 What gives? and there's no answering sound 2 Bm And there's nobody around G note (3rd fret top string) And there my answer was found

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chords Mount Eerie - Moon Sequel
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