Mount Eerie


Mount Eerie

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	  		Intro F#m Em 

F#m                     Em    
Sweet Kid, what is this world we're giving you?  
A                                Em  
Smouldering and fascist, with no Mother 
F#m                            A   
      Are you dreaming about a crow? 
                 Bm                F#m 
In the middle of November, we went back into the woods 
            G                             Em 
Right after breakfast, to see if we could see this past August's 
Bm                      F#m 
Forest Fires own on the hill above the lake 
            G                      Em 
The sky was low and the wind cold,     the trail was closed 
       Bm                 F#m 
At the barricade I stood listening 
      G                                        Em 
In my backpack you were sleeping with her hat pulled low 
         Bm                       F#m 
All the usual birds were gone or freezing 
           G                    Em 
It was all silent except the sound of one crow 
Bm                 F#m 
Following us as we wove  
             G                   Em 
Through the cedar grove I walked and you bobbed and 
Bm                 F#m 
dozed        Sweet Kid 
         G                                   Em 
We were watched and followd and I thought of Genevieve  
Bm         F#m               Em 
Sweet Kid        I heard you murmur in your sleep 
A               Em 
Crow, you said, Crow, and I asked 
F#m                            A 
    Are you dreaming about a Crow? 
And there she was 

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