Morgana King

Bluesette Chords

Morgana King

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced


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( Jean and Norman Gimbel)

Intro: G F#m7 B7/9- Em7 A7/9-  Dm7 G7 

G                              F#m5-/7        B7/9- 
Poor little, sad little blue       bluesette 
Em7         A7/9-  Dm7      G7 
Don you cry,    dont you fret 
C7M       C6                  Cm7           F9 
You  can bet one lucky day   you'll waken 
A#7M                        A#m7       D#9     
and    your blues will be     foresaken 
  G#7M           G#            Am5-/7          
Some    lucky day lovely love       
         D7/9-          A#m7 A#7 Am7 D7 
Will come   your way 
G     F#m5-/7 B7        Em7 
Gay true        coming your 
                 G                F#m5-/7    B7/9- 
If there is love in your heart     to share 
Em7         A7/9- Dm7      G7 
Dear  Bluesette   don't despair 
C7M          C6                   Cm7      F9 
Some blue boy is waiting just like you 
      A#7M               A#m7      D#9 
To find a someone to        be true to, 
G#7M         G#                  Am5-/7  D7/9-    Bm7 A#7 Am7 D7 
Two loving arms you can nestle     in       to stay 
G                           F#m5-/7             B7         Em7 
Get set, Bluesette, true        love is coming, your troubled 

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