Morgan Jay

You Suck

Morgan Jay

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You Suck


Verse 1:

E A F#m B7 When i said eight o'clock why do you show up a quarter to nine E A F#m B7 Am i the weird one am i needy is the fault all mine E A F#m B7 Did you meet it when you told me, that you were ten minutes away E A F#m B7 Or are you still at home naked eating a bag of lays?
E You suck A You suck F#m B7 You're unreliable

Verse 2:

E A F#m B7 How many ways can you fight to ignore me? E A F#m B7 I texted you but all you did is post something to your story E A F#m B7 Do you want to meet up with me at this really cool bar? E A F#m B7 You know i wish i could but it's just a little too far
E You suck A You suck F#m B7 You're unreliable

Verse 3:

E A F#m B7 Weighing your options, looking for something better to do E A F#m B7 E A F#m B7 Just know the person you're with could also do better than you E A F#m B7 I drop you off at the airport if you help me later E A F#m B7 Cause cash is good but not as good as someone who owes you a favor


F#m B7 I don't care if traffic is bad E A I don't care about the parking trouble you had F#m B7 People think it's weird i use my read receipts E A E A F#m B7 That's not as weird as someone ghosting you for several weeks
Final E A F#m B7 And if you say to everyone that you meet E A F#m B7 I love you than what does it even mean? E A F#m B7 Lifes hard enough without people letting you down E A F#m B7 And when the shit hits the fan it'd be to have a friend around

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