Moon 92


Moon 92

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Intro: A5 C5 D5 C5 (2x)

A5        C5 
 Keep your eyes, 
D5       C5 
 a lofty ideal, 
A5            C5 
 because only the weak quit, 
D5         C5              A5 
 and only those who fight, 
      E5   D5   C5 
2x is worthy of life. 

repete Intro:2x A5 C5 D5 C5 

A5           C5 
 I would like you to know, 
D5            C5 
 that exists within itself, 
A5          C5 
 a force capable of changing, 
D5         C5         A5 
 Your life, our life. 
      E5   D5  C5     A5 
 Just wait and fight, 
   E5  D5  C5    A5 E5 
 a neeeeew dawn. 

D5           C5 
 Believe that you can, 
E5           C5 
 so you will have, 
C5 D5 
3X   Halfway, 
C5 D5 
     Halfway there. 

A5             C5 
 Believe in yourself, 
 mout your mind, 
 and recognize, 
 your inner light, 
     E5 D5 C5 
 and moove on. 

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