Taking A Year Off


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Taking A Year Off

verse 1 

           A             D 
I've been taking my time 
                             A                D 
Waiting around for something - it never comes 
                            F#m   D  A   
I'm not trying to sound like I am cynical 
      F#m   D           A 
Cause I've been here before 

verse 2 

            A             D 
I know the way that this works  
And it's really not working 
   A           D         E 
I think every day if anything here is worth it 
   A         D            E 
I keep to myself cause I don't need to know 
      A            D                E            A  D  E  A  D  E 
So I stare at the clock until it's time, time to go 

verse 3 

I've been bored for so long 
D                         A 
So I just started writing 
These little songs  
                           F#m     D  A      F#m 
became the only thing that I could relate to 

verse 4 

So I've been talking to strangers  
And blowing these speakers 
  F#m                          A 
I left you all behind cause if I ever need this 
It'll be on my own  
I think better alone 
       F#m                         A 
And if no one's around they can't tell me I'm wrong 
         D                       A    E  F#m  A 
And I'm wrong oh many times I'm wrong 


A           D         E 
I'm taking this year off 
                     A          D      E 
And writing so many things off it's uncomfortable 
          A            D              E                      A 
But I'll admit when I cry and if you see me tonight you can know 
      D          E 
Most likely I'm ready to go 

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