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E                       A              E 
....Recently I?ve been burning bridges 
and giving up so much pointless stuff 
             E                  A                E       A 
that when I finally show up at all they?ll be surprised 
E                      A             E 
...recently I?ve been taking chances 
                       A               E    
and giving lessons on how to tell the world you don?t care 
   A                 E    A 
before you ask, I?m fine. 

verse 2 

        B                A 
?Cause honestly I don?t have the patience 
    B                    A 
to try and explain the things I say 
and my time is wasted 
      A                 E 
just like your cynical friends 
     B                 A              B 
and honestly I don?t think about the things I say 
            A                B 
I guess it sorta just comes out 
So, goodbye (goodbye) 
I?m ready to go. 


         B                    A               E 
And I?m leaving all of these memories on the floor 
            B               A           E 
There?s no reason to worry about it anymore 

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