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	  		Intro: D 

D G  (x2) 

Verse 1:

D 4am and my head is against the wall A Countless times I've let myself feel this small D These words won't come out A But tomorrow I'll make sure they do G Make sure I don't halve my truths
Bm A Cause you know what? You're right G D I'm a coward I'm wrong Bm A G D I only know how to be brave through a song Bm A D A G Some late nights it seems like I can't even speak Em G At least I'm changing I know it's right for me
Instrumental D G D G A

Verse 2:

D This whole time I've felt like a passerby A I counted road lines I waited for this place to die D Streetlights led me nowhere free D/F# G I had to give we had to live A I learned the hard way G And I'm still learning every day
Bm A Cause you know what? I'm right G D It's been real it's been long Bm A G D And now I'm moving on though I've still got my songs Bm A D A G Some late nights I feel like I finally know what's real Em G And that feeling is one that you can never steal


D A Bm A D Driving home I found new beginnings in this place A Bm A We're told we're born we work we get old D A Bm A Enough of that shit I wasted time D A Bm A But you're not wasting mine no no D A Bm A Yeah I remember sitting on your lawn D A Bm A Some old day gone spouting dreams until the sun came up D A Bm A I love those dreams just like you D A Bm A But I wanna like myself right now too
Outro D A Bm A (x4) D

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