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E         Ab         A                 B         E 
You don't know why I say these things, but it's ok 
         Ab         A             B           E 
I'm just tired, and stressed over back in the day 
         Ab             A                B 
She said don't you ever miss those days? 
       E                  Ab             A               B 
I just miss those records shops, and the nights I got to stay, but it's ok 

A    B      E 
It's what I need 
Don't forget me 
A   B       E  
You fall in love, too easily 
A            B          E 
So I'll just forget the world 
A            B          E 
So I'll just forget the world 

E    Ab           A          B 
I surrender, this feeling of regret 
        E                Ab           A                B 
Cause I really think I'd rather look ahead and just forget 
         E       Ab            A              B 
I'm just full of problems that make you feel alone 
        E              Ab                  A                 B 
And you know I like to talk, but I'll just take the long way home 

there's some lead part here I haven't figured out yet 
E        Ab        A             B 
It's not hard to remind yourself why you tried 
E         Ab         A           B 
This open road and a song to sit by your side 
E        Ab            A            B           E     Ab 
I'm just scared of the doubt, but I wont let it last, 
             A         B 
Yeah I'll forget about that 

A    B      E 
It's what I need 
Don't forget me 
    B       E  
You fall in love, too easily 
A            B          E 
So I'll just forget the world 
A            B          E 
So I'll just forget the world 

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