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E       A            C#m 
I have never broken through this wall before 
              E                   A              C#m 
I swear I've spent my whole life just behind the door 
E               A             C#m 
And though you may not see me yet for what I am 
   E                  A         C#m 
I promise that these words will land 
       C#m   B    A 
These words will land 
C#m                             A     E 
Cause there's one thing that I know 
B                           A 
We were meant to never let this go 
And as the last one leaves 
          A             E               B 
I'll be holding these chords 'til they bleed 


E             A               C#m 
Cause I have spoken and been beaten in defeat 
             E             A           C#m 
I let these motherfuckers get the best of me 
E               A             C#m 
I thought this person that I wanted to be could never be 
       E             A               C#m     B  A 
All I needed was someone to save me, please 


C#m                 A   E   
But they never came 
    B                         A 
Instead the city poured down rain 
The world doesn't give a damn 
     A               E     B 
But now I find that comforting 
       A               E            B 
We'll dance while the rest of them sleep 

Interlude: E C#m A  E C#m A B 


             A                                     E       B 
If it's the last thing that I do these words will come out 
          A                                     E       B 
I never thought they were worth something but I do now 
              A                                 E         B 
If they've expected nothing good from you your whole life 
             A                               E 
I hope you expect something from yourself tonight 

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