And If We Both Fail


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And If We Both Fail

Intro 1st Guitar: 
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F E D C C C G F E D D D A G F E E E C D E D C e|---------------------------------------------------------------| B|-/6-5-3-1-1--1/8-6-5-3-3--3/10-8-6-5-5-5-1-3-5--3--1-----------| G|---------------------------------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------| F E D C C C G F E D D D A G F E E E C D E D e|---------------------------------------------------------------| B|-/6-5-3-1-1--1/8-6-5-3-3--3/10-8-6-5-5-5-1-3-5--3--------------| G|---------------------------------------------------------------| D|---------------------------------------------------------------| A|---------------------------------------------------------------| E|---------------------------------------------------------------|
Intro 2nd Guitar: F C F C F C G x2 Verse 1: F C Caffeine puts me to sleep G I know it's weird but I keep thinking maybe I was born at the wrong time F C Hey we'll make the best of the days G I'm broke cause I don't get paid 'til Friday, so tonight we're hanging out in the F C yard, I can't sit still it's too hard G And anywhere is too far for me to go, whoa whoa
F C This year was weird and I know G (Stop) I gotta tell it, I'll write it like a hook G F I bet I could write a book on how C you could lose all your friends G I swear I'd go to the end of this planet, just to find an escape, I'm afraid
Bridge: Play last bar of intro Verse 2: F C It's been Two days I can't eat G I know it's weird but I keep thinking of a song, I can't remember the name F C I'm not where I should be G I'll just watch die hard three cause I think it might be my favorite movie Chorus x1 Break: Whoa... Asus4 F G x2 Chorus x1 (End on last G)

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