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	  		E        B                        A            E 
I used to listen to this one song over and over 
B              A          E 
And it made me so hung over 
  B                A        E 
Maybe I don't like to write too much 
       B                  A         E 
'Cause it requires having things too much 
    B                 A     E        B 
And I haven't got anything in a long time 
    A            E        G 
On his knife, my usual slide  

          E                   A 
But I'm a whole new person now 
                       B                       G 
Let me show you that I know how to love you now 
             E                    B 
'Cause I'm a whole new person now 
                                   A           B 
Let me show you that I know how to love you now 

Final  B A E 
         B A E 

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