Missing Filemon


Missing Filemon

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	  		Intro: Bm-C#m-Bm-E-A-E 

verse 1: 
You make me happy  
F#                        Bm 
Don't walk away and make me lonely again 
I will teach you how to sing 
     A                E 
I'll buy you anything 

verse 2: 
            A       F# 
Will take a trip to Uranus and back 
Aboard a limousine black 
We'll have kids one dozen or so 
We'll paint our bungalow blue 

Bm C#m Honey, I'm as cool as Sunday Bm E A Sweet as cotton candy when your with me D Bm Don't ask me why (I'm) feeling so high C#m E High up above in the sky D Bm Lupad na day, way tugpahay C#m E maglutaw sa kalipay
verse 1 verse 2 Refrain 2x its really simple isnt it hahaha :)

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