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Nomads Revolt

Mischief Brew

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Nomads Revolt

	  		Intro: D F# Bm G x3 A 

Verse 1: 

D     Bm           A             D 
We go down to throw rocks at the river 

      Bm         A 
Curses at the parade 

G         Bm           A           G 
We're just stoning the gears of the clockworks 

       A                      D 
Try to keep us from acting our age 

Bm              A               D                  Bm           A 
We swore we'd carry on like this forever, 'til the free spirits bled. 

G          Bm       A           G 
But now can you believe who's a mother, and that 

A                            (D) 
so-and-so's cut of their dreads... 

D F# Bm G D F# Bm G D Kill of Columbus and turn the world around F# Bm G A After all the nomads are settling down
Verse2: D Bm A D Used to give most the bread to her landlord Bm A leave the crust for the squats. G Bm A G Now the death weighed as we paid the bankers. A D Seemed to kill all the flies in one swat. Bm A D Bm A Hear the wedding band strike up a number. Dear they're playing our song. G Bm A G Hold your breath cause we're gonna go under; A (D) get the little ones singing along.
D F# Bm G D F# Bm G D Kill of Columbus and turn the world around F# Bm G A After all the nomads are settling down x2
Bridge: G Bm A No way, not to so-and-so said he'd never change G Bm A said he'd never grow. G Bm We'd stay always on a role A G Bm A run besides the trains past the mossy stones. F# Bm Now there's more hope than ever and its all fallin' G A (play verse chords: D Bm A x2 G Bm A G A D) down and the rebels are running for mayor in your hometown. Verse3: D Bm A D Bm As the nomads are dropping their anchors. Falling A G Bm A into the sea. And I've stopped throwing rocks at the G A D river. Now you'll find me a swimmin up stream. There Bm A D Bm A is power in unions of ramblers that got nothing to own. G Bm A G But there's more in one fist swing in mothers swearin, A "my children shall never be sold!" Chorus a few times Outro D F# Bm G D F# Bm G D (and so on) Out of the garden we multiply. Telling our stories. May all the old ways die.

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