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Difficulty: EasyEasy

by paulantunes

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verse 1 

C            F       C 
You?re just like the sea 
        C       F        C 
You can cause a storm in me 
     C        F     C 
When you look at my face 
    F       G7          C 
You stop my heart in its place 

C       F           C 
I never noticed the way 
     C         F     C 
That you light up my day 
C               F       C 
Although you?re hard to read 
  F            G7          C     C7 
I think you?re just what I need 

F G C When your smile can melt icebergs it makes it harder to see F G C That even when you?re not smiling you still mean everything to me F G Am G F Whether you know it or not, it?s like I?m shouting in the dark F G C Am That your smile can melt icebergs for me F G C I said your smile can melt icebergs for me

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