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Silent Night

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Silent Night

Year: 1818 -

(M: Franz Gruber / L: John F Young)


Silent night,  Holy night!         
     D       D7     G         
All is calm,   all is bright  
       C                         G 
'round yon Virgin Mother and Child. 
      C                     G  
Holy  infant so tender and mild,  
      D        D7           G  Em     
Sleep in heavenly  peace,  
        G        D7            G 
Sleep in heavenly  peace.  

Silent night,  Holy   night!         
       D              D7     G 
Shepherds quake    at the sight:  
C                                   G                    C                         G  
Glories  stream from heaven  afar,  Heav?nly  hosts  sing  "Alleluia!  
     Am              D7           G   Em            G            D7            G  
Christ  the Savior   is  born,               Christ  the  Savior  is born!"  

G                                             D         D7         G  
Silent  night, Holy   night!     Son  of  God,  Love?s  pure light  
          C                         G                      C                           G  
Radiant  beams  from Thy holy  face  with the dawn  of  redeeming  grace,  
D              D7                 G Em          G       D7              G  
Jesus,  Lord  at  Thy  birth,        Jesus,  Lord  at  Thy  birth.  


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