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Christopher Robin - Christopher Robin Chords

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Difficulty: EasyEasy

by tarikike

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Christopher Robin - Christopher Robin

Intro F 

verse 1 
Christopher Robin, look at me 
Tell me what you see 
C                              F 
Do you remember how we used to be? 
You were a special friend of mine 
We were forever wasting time 
Keeping busy whole day through 
Just doing nothing with nothing to do 

F Gathering acorns off the ground Bb Picking up Pooh sticks all around G Dreaming up something not to do C Just being us, being me and you
verse 2 F Christopher Robin, can't you see F From the very start A Dm We were never meant to be apart? Bb Let's be together every day C Playing the games we always played G F Christopher, you will always stay C F Here in my heart

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