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Beano - Blocks Vs Bricks Chords

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by fernsantana

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Beano - Blocks Vs Bricks

Blocks or bricks, bricks or blocks 
Who can build the best with the bits they've got? 

verse 1 
I am a LEGO lady, I'm a Minecraft man 
I spend my time chipping at rocks getting all the blocks i can 
Ha! You are always mining, I just get to work 
'Cause my bricks are bought in boxes, so that's a little perk 
I can build until I'm out of blocks and then i mine more 
But if you run out of bricks you need a visit to the store 
True, but I can build right through the day and deep into the night 
But if you continue after dark, you'll surely get a fright 
Pah! I'm not scared of anything, I'm feircer than a tiger 
I've got a sword for creepers and- OH MY GOSH A SPIDER! 

Gm Blocks or bricks, bricks or blocks Bb F Who can build the best with the bits they've got?
verse 2 Gm LEGO is the best 'cause of all the different bits F I can build a rocket ship with a Star Wars kit! Gm Well, I can build a moon base to put me in the future F With red stone i can make a working computer! Gm But I can make a roller coaster i can really ride F Well, i can make a cart track and race it round a mine Gm I can make a mini city, i can make a citadel F Dm Your's is full of skeletons, mine has people in aswell Gm I can make a tall tower to relax on when it's sunny Dm Well so can i, but oh, hang on, I've just ran out of money Gm It's blazen my creations are greatest on the scene F Dm Well, at least mine are real, you're are stuck inside a screen... Outro Gm Blocks or bricks, bricks or blocks Bb F Gm Which do you think's best?

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