Mindy Gledhill

Oh No

Mindy Gledhill

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Oh No

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Capo on 4th fret

 G         C 
Oh no! I fell in love with you 

C          G            D            G 
And you fell in love with me, what shall we do? 

G                C 
Oh no! What's happened to my heart? 

C                   G        D     G 
It patters and it pats two beats apart! 

G         C 
Oh no! I am a victim of 

G                  G    D  G 
Of cupid and his arrow up above 

G          C 
Oh no! I haven't got a chance 

C               G       D      G 
Against the superpowers of romance 


C               C 
Here we go, here we go 

C         G            G 
Like a roller coaster high and low 

G           C               C                 C        C 
And there's no returning from this twisting turning we are 

G           G 
Caught up in the undertow 

G           C     C         C   G 
And we're never, ever gonna slow down 

G                 C 
Oh no! There's danger up ahead 

    G                     D      G 
So say your prayers we might as well be dead 

G          C 
Oh no! If we are going to die 

     G                D         G 
I'll let you give me one last kiss goodbye 


C            C 
Born to live for love 

D            D 
Born to wander free 

Am                 G 
Two believers in serendipity 

C               C 
All the paths we'll cross 

D                   D 
All the hands we'll play 

Am                  G 
So fantastically unafraid 


G            C 
Oh, no! I fell in love with you 

          G               D 
And you fell in love with me,  

what shall we do 

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